Software Development

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I am expert in ASP.NET and MS SQL SERVER. I have developed following softwares:

Web Based Software Development:

  • Web based Accounting Software for Multi Donors / Branch
  • Web based Microfinance Software
  • Web based Islamic Microfinance Software
  • Web based Small Bank Software
  • Web bases Small ERP System (Sales, Purchase, Inventory and General Ledger)

  • Web based Human Resource Information System
  • Web based Help Desk Support System

* All web based solutions are developed in ASP.NET 4.0 and SQL Server 2008

Website Development:

  • Website development inASP.NET4.0/MS SQL SERVER/SQLite
  • Website development in Drupal v6.x & v7.x / PHP/MySQL / PHP/SQLite
  • Website development in WordPress v3.x
  • My own website is developed in Drupal v6.x (PHP/SQLite)

Other Developments:

  • Easy tax challan form maker (Excel-2010)
  • Consolidation of data and preparing financial statements (Excel-2010)
  • Easy bulk cheque printing (Excel, VBA & Access 2010)
  • Payroll system (Access 2003 & VBA)

Data Conversion:

  • Data conversion from MS Access to MS SQL
  • Data conversion from MS Excel to MS SQL
  • Data conversion from MS SQL to SQLite